Going for a bite to eat in Stuttgart

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to great places to eat in Stuttgart. Restaurant Tauberquelle with its hearty traditional Swabian cuisine, is the right choice for a relaxing end to a stressful day, after a trip to the museum, an excursion, or a wander through the city. Immerse yourself in the world of Zwiebelrostbraten mit Spätzle (onion-topped roast beef with gravy and spaetzle), Maultaschen (Swabian ravioli) with potato salad, and Swabian wine. Let the cosy atmosphere at Restaurant Tauberquelle enchant you.

Traditional, delicious cuisine

Some of Germany’s best restaurants are located in Stuttgart. In particular, there is an abundance of cosy, traditional Swabian restaurants in Stuttgart and the surrounding area. You can judge our excellent quality by our reputation amongst the locals, who consider our restaurant their first stop for traditional food. Time and time again we have been rediscovered by residents of the city, and every day we serve regular customers who’ve been visiting our restaurant for decades. Outside of the city of Stuttgart and in the surrounding villages there are a number of outstanding Swabian restaurants.

In Swabian restaurants, diversity and creativity are kept within clear limits. This means that a classic Swabian starter can represent regional cuisine just as well as a main course, and in terms of flavour, it can even far outshine it.

Restaurant Tauberquelle – swabian classics

The great classic of any Swabian restaurant is the humble mixed salad. If it is made with skill and fresh ingredients, the dish gently escorts the lucky guest through the culinary heart of Stuttgart and surrounding Swabia. It is a no-frills dish that shows exactly what Swabian cuisine has to offer, complete with an abundant selection of local herbs and vegetables.

Another typical Swabian dish is homemade spaetzle, which comes in different forms such as long, thin spaetzle, thick spaetzle or round button-shaped Knöpfle. These traditional Swabian pasta specialities are also served as a side dish to roast meat or Swabian lentils. Spaetzle are the perfect addition to a refined Swabian cream sauce with pan-fried fillets.
Our world-famous Maultaschen are also a staple of Swabian cuisine and are not just a popular staple of menus within Germany. Schupfnudeln (finger-shaped potato dumplings), known lovingly as “Bubaspitzle” in Swabia, are also an integral part of Swabian cuisine.

You can’t leave swabia without trying Zwiebelrostbraten

One of the best-known classics on any traditional menu in a rustic Swabian restaurant is Zwiebelrostbraten: a tender, gently-fried steak with freshly sautéed onions. Simply add a slice of freshly baked farmhouse bread, fried potatoes or spaetzle.

To finish off the meal, sample a traditional Swabian dessert.


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